Sunday, August 3, 2008

orbs, hexes

(home; roman tiles at the la county museum of art)


  1. I so thought that was a germ/chemistry experiment when I looked at it the first time.
    Where are the stone bees to go with the hexes?
    Lazy Cow.

  2. just know that i will never have anything on here that resembles science in any way -- it scares me because i'm a girl.
    they were tiles (roman, i think) at the museum and they made me think of your glebe hallway -- the floor, but also those beautiful, patchy, falling-apart blues on the wall.
    oh! i do remember glebe -- there's a really good independent bookstore there, isn't there? they sold my friend's novel, so we stopped there to see it on the shelf.
    i do love sydney *sigh*

  3. ps. i'd like to think the capitalization in your quite apt description of me makes me a More Important Lazy Cow...

  4. you always have the most photogenic crap in your sink...

  5. baxie, it's because there are always dishes in the sink, so i arrange them nicely. i do the same with the unmade bed -- i mean really, what's the point in making it? -- and artfully arrange the sheets to look as if people have been rolling around in them breathlessly.