Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Kate,

Is it hot there?  Still humid and close? 

It's cold here -- dry as a bone -- and a howling wind has swept down across the Canadian plains into our lakeside valley.  The weather forecasters are calling it an Arctic! Blast! and warning that it's too dangerous outside to do anything beyond scurry from home, to car, to grocery store and back again.  So, I spent the afternoon watching the icicles grow on the sheltered side of the house and eating avocados with a spoon (and mangoes without);  half-dreaming I was some place else, with a sun that burns and steady, warm rain to make the frangipani tower.

But that's only for a minute, that dreaming, because right here, right now, the dogs are chasing snow hares and yelping in their sleep and I have a book and a blanket and a couch for napping.

It's morning there;  what will you do today, sweets?  Go for a swim at Bronte Beach?