Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

week one - LAX airport

Anna and I have decided to start the year with a challenge to each other, to keep us both on our toes and as a truly personal project that we have no preconceptions about. 
Who knows wether we will finish the year, how hard or easy it will be and how it will end (or will it go on?).
Anna gives me a photograph once a week and I have to personalise it by the next week. 
I presumed when we started to discuss this a while ago, that I would find it quite simple, a personal project that would be interesting but not too mentally taxing.
This was a presumption that was wrong. 
There is something very intimate about someone giving over an image they have thought about considerably, or a snippet of their view for a brief moment in time, a huge responsibility to retain that personality whilst not overwhelming with your own. 
I hope in the coming year, I do Annas photographs credit. She is not only a fantastic friend but a superb photographer and so its an honour to scribble over her images.