Thursday, August 28, 2008

he can't back out now -- his face is on all the tea towels

royal commemorative embroidered handsome stan tea towel!  teaspoons, plates and shot glasses coming soon!

(new stan ping to your old stan pong)


  1. Brilliant!
    The back right leg? That was actually his penis.

  2. i wondered about that... if you'd told me, i would have embroidered a small, pink dog ween.
    did you know that on some tv shows and channels here they blur out dog weenies? it's true that their bits are strange little things, but what kind of terrible thoughts are my countrywo/men having about dogs?!

  3. a man in utah married his pony.
    Its true, it was a bbc documentary.
    He said
    'i love her'.

  4. such a beautiful poem about love and bestiality.