Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dear Anna,
My reply is tardy, in my defence, it would have taken two weeks for a letter to reach you... and at least this way you can read my writing!
We've had floods and heat waves here, cyclones and torrential rain. Do you have green shoots poking out of iced earth yet?
Alistair is in Portland this week, he says it's beautifully bitterly cold and he's loving it.
Meanwhile, I've done my morning 20 laps at the pool and am attempting to get my head around the pile of work that seems to breed when I turn my back. It makes me want to walk the dog all day, or retreat to bed with a good book.
I've bought myself a new fountain pen. 
I'll be writing proper letters. 
With stamps.


  1. Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Oh gosh!

    That's all I can say right now. Proper reply in a bit.

    (Oh gosh!)


  2. Proper fountain pens are good, Kate. What did you end up getting? Did you get it at my store?!

    I'm thinking about getting one too, instead of just selling them to other people.

  3. I love my pen! No, I didn't get it at your store, I dont go into you store as it has nice stuff... although I should go in and buy stuff for Annas birthday present!
    I'm off to London soon, promise to get you both something nice from Liberty.

  4. I'm still working on the LONDON WOOOOTY connection, Kate, although it's unlikely -- I think I'll be back home before you get there.

    Big sad face..