Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My letter in all its handwritten glory will be winging its way to you this weekend. 
Resplendent with ink blotches... I love my fountain pen!
I've not had too much of a chance to read much this week, I did read Hilary Mantels' 'Beyond Black' last week, and if you want a bit of Norwegian, try 'Out Stealing Horses' by Per Petterson, it's an incredible book.
It's funny, Alistair was with my Mother and Stepfather last week out in the wild tundra of Utah, funny seeing him on the other side of the Skype screen, it was strangely touching, Milan saying "So feels so close, but I can't touch him." He's missed him alot "When's Dad coming home? what's Dad doing today? Where is Dad today?" (Although, he's probably just skirting around the question he wants to ask the most, What's Dad bringing me back from America?!).
Today, in Texas. Tomorrow, in Denver then SF and then hopefully on a plane home, we love meeting him from the airport on an early morning as it means there's Krispy Creme for breakfast.
Soon it'll be our turn, tickets booked for home, we can't wait.



  1. Have a good time at the airport -- isn't it the best thing ever to pick up someone you love? Especially first thing in the morning, when everything is dewy and new.

    And can I just say that I am IN LOVE with this latest print. I want it as wallpaper.

  2. Its in the dropbox my darling, did you get my text message last night? Sorry I've been so out of touch, I think I'm back kinda. Is everyone safe in Christchurch? I've only just got a response from a friend who's ok, but has some terrible stories to tell. I dont think he'll ever get past those experiences, so so sad.

  3. Hello, sweets. No text -- I can't figure out how to send or receive them internationally -- will get on that.

    Christchurch: it's so, so awful. Just desperately sad. The city is devastated and like you say, its people will never forget what they've seen and felt these past few days. It makes me weep for everyone there.

    I'm glad your friend is safe -- all of our loved ones are as well, thanks to some extraordinary luck (not going to work that day, for one of them).

    My heart just aches.

  4. This image and the four that follow -- the two dated February 16 and the two from February 15 -- are strange and strong in ways I can quite grasp. Unlike anything I've seen before, though I can't figure out what gives them such a startling newness. I will have to come back to them.