Saturday, September 20, 2008


My great grandfather was a sign writer at London Zoo.


  1. this? this is beautiful in every way.
    as a photograph: the layers of texture and light, that we get a glimpse into so many worlds in this one brief capture. every time i come back to it i see something different.
    then, the man: so graceful and proud on his ladder, so meticulous.
    and last of all, knowing that it's frank, your great-grandfather... there's that direct connection (of blood and eyes and hands) from him to your grand (mother?) (father?) to your mum, to you, to milan. and to the city you love.
    i know, i'm a sentimental fool, but i just can't help it sometimes.
    (you BERK! there, is that better?)

  2. Its the same as yours for found(lost), the connection, the sense of time and space , of so much unknown too. I imagine they were taken at similar times too.
    My Great Grand Parents lived in Primrose Hill, 10 minutes walk from the zoo, when most of the old grand houses were bought up by the council, and they lived in a flat in one of the council houses overlooking the railway. Their extended family lived in seperate flats in the building. It was the same thing in other buildings along the road, whole families on different floors of these big grand houses that are now housing gossip mag fodder and hollywood actors.
    You are an eloquent sentimental fool. I wish I could be more sensitive sometimes other than in a vainglorious way!
    BERK! its good to have you back

  3. I love the way these two speak to one another. I wish i could put them side by side instead of one on top of the other -- those maybe the fact that I have to do that in my own head makes it more effective.