Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Kate,

The world is falling apart, it seems.

So, just for tonight, let's pretend we're somewhere else, like the County Fair.  It rained earlier in the day and it's a little steamy, but that's the way the fair should be, don't you think?  Every time the wind shifts the odor of something new settles over us:  farm animals, maple milkshakes, burned rubber and gasoline from the demolition derby, and the ever-present base tone of fried dough.  Smells like late summer to me.


Watching the demolition derby
Rockin' out at the Fun House
2 tickets to Dreamland
Double the fried dough = double the goodness



  1. Dreamland doesn't look quite how I pictured it, but almost nothing beats the smell of fried dough. I bet the kids loved that fun house way back in 1978, but does the YGen crowd even know half the faces captured in lurid acrylic down the side of the exterior? Have they ever heard of Kiss for example?

    Perhaps you could offer to paint your version of Justin Bieber or that other girl in the tight skirt who sings that song about her boyfriend cheating on her. You know the one.

  2. How can you say Dreamland doesn't look dreamy?? What about the flags?? It's the *American* dream!! You know, the dream of muscle cars and lard, beef and Britney Spears? Freeedom?

    And I don't know who this girl is -- does she shoot whipped cream and fireworks from her breasts?

  3. I especially liked the first image: the invitation the enter a secret world that turns out, on closer look, to be a back entrance to the same world. And yet... Marvelous.

  4. And if you turn around to go back the way you came? BANG BANG!