Monday, June 21, 2010

No: 37 Jimmos Hotel

This is a photograph that Anna gave to me AGES ago (mind you, she's given me a load of photos ages ago, I'm just taking my time playing with them!). Add to that some brown sunflowers that were on screen for a job I just did, and it all made sense to gether... and a little bit wrong, just the way I like it!


  1. this is how right this is: i drove by jimmo's just the other day and it's shuttered now -- the chairs are gone, weeds are growing up through the cracks in the driveway and along the walkways to the room. goodbye, jimmo's!
    but here you are opening it up again with july 4th stripes and insistent sunflowers and the blue a hint of swimming in the lake... hello, jimmo's!
    thanks for that.

  2. hello Jimmos!
    Sad to hear its crumbling, it looks so nice in the picture, freshly painted.
    Where is is it? Is in in Cali?

  3. it's just up the road -- went by again the other day and the grass is getting so long! it will be especially sad when winter comes...