Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No:33 Lion Hearted Girl

Notice how I don't even attempt to name this 'week' number whatever as I'm so behind. This way is much cooler me thinks. 
Here's number 33. Loaded with hidden meaning and subterfuge. 
Yes, really, it is.


  1. oh, tell me about the hidden meanings, please? although even without knowing i love this more than i can say. the depth you've added to that sky, the worlds you've found in the clouds...

  2. That's exactly it, you got it all! Have you forgotten how shallow I am?!
    The photograph has been sitting on my desk for weeks and I've had a blank, then suddenly it was so easy. Everything at home and work has clicked up another notch and I feel quite galvanised.
    Its sort of shedding skin in one direction, or in reverse, taking what I need back (and being wholly supported).