Sunday, October 26, 2008

on layers

(kitchen sinks, dirty dishes and favorite flavors)
ume carrot salad, a vague recipe
you can make this with carrots only, or by adding red cabbage, or apples, or both at once.  the apple bit depends on what's handy, or the mood of the day: a granny smith for tartness, a fuji for some sweet, or a jonagold for some of both.
using a food processor (or an eleven year old and a grater -- tell him it builds character), shred some carrots/cabbage/apples.  add a splash of olive oil, a shake of ume plum vinegar, a bit of salt, and fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice -- whatever you have.
toss it all together and that's it!  it lasts in the fridge for several days without pickling and the ume is good for the digestion.  (it also makes for attractive sinks dregs, like the ones in the middle)


  1. Love it! You know that middle photograph is going to go on my favourites list, but am loving them all, the colours, the sentiment....
    I wish I could pop around for dinner.

  2. I'm late in replying.
    I'm late everything these days. Sorry. I have something for you.... but tomorrow. Perhaps.